US Manufacturing Group leads the world in silicone wristbands, Lanyards and Can Coolers specifically manufactured for the Promotional Marketing Industry. We enjoy accelerating our clients success because of our remarkable service, high quality, and expedited delivery services. In our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant we manufacture premium quality silicone wristbands, neoprene can coolers and Polyester lanyards. In order for us to offer expedited service to our thousands of clients USMG has setup a 50000 Square feet printing plant that has decades of experience in printing on our specialized products using machinery specifically designed for our products.

USMG is the largest manufacturer of silicone wristbands in the USA. We take pride in designing and developing our own manufacturing techniques in our US plant to offer our customers the most competitive price possible. Since we manufacture the product in the US, we are the only wristbands manufacturer that can produce, personalize and ship out over 200,000pcs of wristbands within 24 hours.
We have developed a manufacturing technique where we can weave lanyards and print, using our proprietary technology at the same time thus reducing time and cost considerably. USMG can offer lanyard pricing to our customers that is the most competitive in the market. We are also able to offer faster turnaround times because we manufacture our product in the US.
USMG is also one of the largest manufacturers of Can Coolers in the US. We are able to offer the lowest prices in the industry by developing ways to manufacture using specialized machinery. USMG is able to pass the cost savings on to its customers to better serve the market. Our goal is to compete with the foreign manufacturing market by producing our products in the USA.